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Ptera Ref
You decide to open the unfinished folder named "Pteraa Cicdaa". Why is this spelled differently, then on Morpha's folder?
You drop the question, thinking it will be somewhere in the folder. You began to read its contents.
Ptera Cicdaa; male; troll
7 ½ sweeps, meaning he’s 16
god tier: Page of Space
Lusus: also Cicada, he calls his Rocky
H: 5’6’’ ( 167cm ) W: 116 lbs ( 52.6kg )
looks: Copper eyes, matching his blood. Hair is messy and curly, being long enough to reach the top of his shoulder blades, normally keeps it pinned back with bobby pins. He does this because cutting his hair is “too difficult by himself” and it “gets in his way”, so he has several bobby pins to suffice the conflicting needs.
He also wears glasses, because without them he’s basically a bat without echolocation. He has to keep remaking them, from them getting smashed/lost/eaten with the various things he does. He doesn’t wear anything fancy, his part
:iconleavannysnest:leavannysnest 1 2
Morpha Ref
You open a folder titled "Homestuck". It has three full folders, two beginning with "C", one with "M", and another that doesn't seem to be done. You get the one titled "M", and open it up. It's a troll, and has a small pickaxe behind them. They're grinning in the picture, with a hastily scribbled "Morpha Cicdaa" under said photo. There are two names close to them, one being "Cerise Balon". The other, is "Ptera Cicdaa". That must be the unfinished file. We'll look at that file later. For now, let's look at Morpha's.
Morpha Cicdaa; male; troll
6 sweeps ( he’s 13 )
god tier: Page of Life
Lusus: Cicada, also known as Rockdad ( after learning what a dad was from Cerise )
H: 5’3’’, he’s short. ( 160.2cm ) W: 105 lbs ( 47.6kg )
looks: Copper eyes, matching his blood. Black hair, extremely matted and overall knotted and a mess, this is from him not brushing a single day in his life. If taken care of he would have extremely puffy hair, that curls slightly. He wears
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Piplup Has Seen The End.jpg by leavannysnest Piplup Has Seen The End.jpg :iconleavannysnest:leavannysnest 1 0 Buneary by leavannysnest Buneary :iconleavannysnest:leavannysnest 1 0
Youtube seems to be having a problem
NOTE: Yeah, I know youtube on my writing has caps sometimes and sometimes not, it's mainly because I don't know if youtube deserves that capital y. And yes, Cringy is how I spelled it, just to poke at how a lot of people spell it. No offense, of course. Just trying to have a bit of fun.
Normal part: So, if you're a fan of pewdiepie or Markiplier or TheRPGminx ( aka Minx, as i just call her ), or any NUMBER of youtubers. They're amazing youtubers, they love what they do, they're honest, being themselves, and they make thousands, MILLIONS, of people happy. There's one problem with it though, I'm sure you've heard of it.
Youtubers are losing a ton of money, for what they do. Because youtube is deeming it "unfriendly". They're not getting ads on it. Thus, less money. Less views, less ads, less money.
Now, you might be thinking that "Oh!!! But they're rich, they get lots of money!!! This isn't hurting them in the slightest!!!!!"
Let me tell you, that no...Sadly, many are realizing wh
:iconleavannysnest:leavannysnest 2 0
Ref for the Au ( Persephone ) [CTC]
( HI YES I SAW AN AU AND I LIKE IT HI U m it's from,, peachypupp and i'm love
i'm not normally into these type of aus but,,,,, i'm here and this exists, sorry for typos aa
did a shoutout to ma bud Jade- )
you, going through au's for ocs, find one named Persephone. Curious, you look at the file.
Species: Black and white rabbit.
Gender: Female.
Clothes: Thick long sleeved dark green shirt, has tatters and looks like it's been sewn together several times. Has denim pants that only reach her knees, also tattered and sewn together. Has a pair of dark purple shoes, but seems to be more comfortable not using them. Has a flower printed scarf, refuses to give it up.
Looks: A perfectly Semmetrical ying-yang body, in colors. Her fingers are covered in small scars from several knife and needle accidents. Her hair is long, black, and always down. Her body in general is covered in wounds, most small. And has many bandages covering anything below her knees.
Name: Persephone. ( Nickname is Persa, her
:iconleavannysnest:leavannysnest 3 8
uwuwuwuwu by leavannysnest
Mature content
uwuwuwuwu :iconleavannysnest:leavannysnest 3 3
pass it on by leavannysnest
Mature content
pass it on :iconleavannysnest:leavannysnest 1 0
skype status meme by leavannysnest skype status meme :iconleavannysnest:leavannysnest 2 0 very cute by leavannysnest very cute :iconleavannysnest:leavannysnest 6 0


Mental Health Awareness - Paranoid PD
It's been a while since I've done one of these, because there haven't really been any events that I've heard of, but I decided to do one without it. Again, apologies for the PD abbreviation, it doesn't let me type in the entire thing. So here's a journal to promote awareness and acceptance of Paranoid Personality Disorder.
Disclaimer: I do not have Paranoid Personality Disorder, so some of the stuff I say might be unintentionally hurtful or inaccurate - if you want to make any corrections, or just contribute anything at all to this, please let me know in comments or notes! Any edits requested will be left anonymous unless you ask to be identified :) (Smile)
What Is Paranoid Personality Disorder?
Paranoid Personality Disorder (or PPD) is a Cluster A personality disorder, the cluster characterised by 'eccentric' behaviours. PPD results in an extreme distrust of others and a tendency to interpret their actions as negative or thr
:iconarasteia:Arasteia 14 32
Naahrir Archmage for Mighty Blade RPG by Xiquinhow Naahrir Archmage for Mighty Blade RPG :iconxiquinhow:Xiquinhow 1 0 Umbreon by Aiko1993 Umbreon :iconaiko1993:Aiko1993 5 0 Komugi by Aenea-Jones Komugi :iconaenea-jones:Aenea-Jones 612 14 ika! by aceIy ika! :iconaceiy:aceIy 20 8 Fallen Freedom by AbyssWatchers Fallen Freedom :iconabysswatchers:AbyssWatchers 111 33 Elemental Stones by AaronRhyneHendren Elemental Stones :iconaaronrhynehendren:AaronRhyneHendren 263 0 Erusiit, The Famine by 2wenty
Mature content
Erusiit, The Famine :icon2wenty:2wenty 107 8
Devious Journal Entry
@/trvcvr is a scamming piece of shit lol
if they try and sell u comfortpuppy designs dont take em
theyre not theirs
i wouldnt buy any characters from em honestly
if u wanna see more of the shit hes done here u go

well guess who was scamming x2 L M A O
oh look another
:iconcvck:cvck 22 131
I Hate You, I-I Hate You (Redraw) by PsiioniicHearts I Hate You, I-I Hate You (Redraw) :iconpsiioniichearts:PsiioniicHearts 4 0 F.U.S.E Corp Special: Milunalia by Dragonith F.U.S.E Corp Special: Milunalia :icondragonith:Dragonith 464 28 Fem!Tobi and Fem!Zetsu, The Unknown Duo by MadaraUchiha-Chan Fem!Tobi and Fem!Zetsu, The Unknown Duo :iconmadarauchiha-chan:MadaraUchiha-Chan 12 2 Anoki by MutatedEye Anoki :iconmutatedeye:MutatedEye 62 0 Gratuitous Christmas Pic, pal by zarla Gratuitous Christmas Pic, pal :iconzarla:zarla 1,163 255 A hard Fuch-ing -PW2 Spoilers- by zarla A hard Fuch-ing -PW2 Spoilers- :iconzarla:zarla 162 97 I'm an orphan Klavier by zarla I'm an orphan Klavier :iconzarla:zarla 103 9


pokemon websites:

please click the other pokemon, along with Nala! they'd all accept some love!

drago webites:…

sites that don't quite fit in with the rest:…………
  • Watching: don't worry about it uwu


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